manage your fleet of cars

Print your QR-codes
Quick and easy information about each car.

Manage your fleet with Carscanner

By scanning your unique QR-codes, customers can easily have access to your fleet. Get started with Carscanner today. In just 3 simple steps you can manage your own fleet.


Easy way to input data into your system.


Quickly print the qr-codes and attach them to your cars.


Clients can scan the qr-codes and gather information of each car.

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Our best features

Carscanner is the best tool to manage your fleet

Responsive design for desktop, tablet and smartphone

Can be used by fleet owners/managers and cardealers

Commercial handling in no time

See all of your cars at one glance

Carscanner acts like your own personal fleet manager. You have an overview of all your cars in one place and you can quickly send these trough to your commercial dealers.

Send 48-hour deals, premium deals and more

You can select some cars to send to your clients with special offers or 48-hour deals.

Get all the details you want

You can add all the information about a car to the therefore provided detailpages. Ranging from speed to availability to pricing; everything’s there in one place.

Try Carscanner two weeks for free

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